Adpro Media Pty Ltd's Products and Services

Print Media: Viet Times Newspaper, 168 Magazine, Car Guide and Dine Out

Viet Times Newspaper: Community weekly newspaper • Updated news: Local news in Victoria and New South Wales, news around the world and news from home. Also, it covers updated sport events and entertainment. Distribution: Free distribution on Friday to more than 150,000 Vietnamese weekly in Melbourne and Sydney metros. The most trusted source for the Vietnamese over 15 years.

Magazine 168: Going inside of Viet Times Newspaper is our weekly Magazine 168, covering all aspects of lifestyle such as education, fashions, health and fitness. It’s also delivering a great product/service review section. Distibuting free weekly with Viet Times Newspaper.

Car Guide and Dine Out Weekly: Our Car Guide and Dine Out section feature more than 350 businesses in Melbourne. In the same time, we constantly review new car models, new modern technologies as well as rich food guide which relects Melbourne lifestyle. 

Modern Media: Cherry Radio, Viet Times eNews and Cherry Radio eNews

Cherry Radio: A modern radio of the new modern digital age! There (3) channels broadcasting 24/7 throughout 365 days of a year. Not just featuring the life and style of Melbourne/Sydney people, but our radio also delivers a wide range of entertainment, news, non-stop music, talk shows and requests to and from all corners of the world. Our channels can be listened from all of modern devices such as computer, mobile, tablet or TV.

Viet Times eNews: New media for the new generation! With a young, talented team of more than 23 employees, Viet Times eNews website is contanstly updated and fine-tuned. Ranking in the 100,000s in the world, our eNew site is busy more than ever, delivering more than 1 billion clicks, 400,000 visits every month. With Viet Times eNews alone, our readers can update almost of every aspects of their modern life, from news, entertainment, lifestyle, relationship, in their local and around the world.

The features that link our business providers to our readers is the Business Directory and Classifieds System. They bring the whole ready-to-use services/products from local directly to our local users. Viet Times eNews is also a valuable source of marketing where it holds more than 3000 members.

Cherry Radio eNews: Almost the same as Viet Times eNews is our Cherry Radio eNews/Podcasts. All episodes broadcasted on 3 channels of Cherry Radio are also stored on our server for 120 days to serve as podcast episodes. With more than 400,000 downloads each month, Cherry Radio eNews is also a great tool to broaden your business operation, in and out of Australia. Cherry Radio eNews also covers news, lifestyle and entertainment.

Modern Media Access Tools: Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Tablet Apps

To make life easier, our team has released 3 versions of application which feed mainly to mobile smartphones and tablets. Users can read news, exchange ideas, update their social life, listen to our radio, browse our business clients’ products/services and all of these can be done by downloading our Apps on Apple Store and Android Google Marketplace.

• Web Apps: The usual way to browse Viet Times eNews, Cherry Radio via native smartphone web browsing application and our sites are optimised for these kinds of device.

• Mobile and Tablet Apps: We have developed the Apps exclusively for mobile smartphones on 2 platforms: Apple iOS and Android devices. These native smartphone applications can be found and downloaded on Apple App Store and Google Marketplace.